NAIC Guided Tours Songkran Festival April 2020

Join our next Thailand NAIC Guided Tours Songkran Festival: April 2020 Dates: April 2nd. -22nd. 2020

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NAIC Guided Tours Songkran Festival April 2020

Sacred Sites & Healing Arts, Retreat and Training Program!
Special Program! Visit Exotic THAILAND April 2020!

Receive NAIC/ SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, NCBTMB and recognized CE hours and hands on training in Classical Indigenous Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy (Traditional Thai Massage) Certificate in one inclusive training!

Included for your experience amazing temples, instruction from awesome teachers and Masters, street fairs and markets, food like you’ve never had, Buddhist monks & nuns, music and night life after class.

Tours in the beautiful Thai upcountry, hill tribe people and classical dancing, road trips across country, Golden Triangle, Chiangrai, Bangkok and Thai city life, River boats and the Summer palace, the famous Bangkok shrines and temples with a side trip to the largest outdoor market in Thailand- Chatuchak, Yoga, meditation, energy healing, classes and fun with like minded souls.

Too many beautiful Temples to count!

World famous Elephant Sanctuary and Rescue Facility

Shopping at Popular Night Markets!

Unlimited opportunities to receive traditional Thai Massage!

Road Trip from North to South… See the whole country up close and personal in relaxed style with private Van and Guides!

Fours days of the biggest water festival in the world! Songkran! We will show you how to participate in this amazing sacred festival like the locals do, safe and fun!

5 Full Days of UTTS Certified Traditional Medicine with Certification on completion! 100 Ce Hours!Not a “Tourist” program… Training is for professionals who intend to practice in the US!

and soo much more!

All 2 and 3 star accommodations!

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This is our 37th. Annual Songkran Thailand excursion. We know how to get around and get the most for your investment. Our experienced guides and facilitators are simply the best available and our dedication is proven over time. Let us show you the hidden, the amazing, the unseen the miraculous, the special, the sacred and the fun of traveling and training in Thailand this next April 2020!

The Blue Temple

See SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Sacred Sites and Healing Arts Photo Gallery from Last Year! Click Here!

NAICS Inc., Aachan and Diplomat, Aachan, Professor Dr. Anthony B. James, DNM(P), ND, MD(AM), DPHC(h.c.), RAAP, SMOKH and our local Thai providers and Master teachers provide Indigenous Traditional Thai Art & Religious Therapeutics Practicum In Thailand, April 2020. This program will provide you with over two weeks (19 days including travel days) in Thailand. You’ll get the exciting opportunity to visit Bangkok, Chiangmai, Pang Lang, Chiangrai, Mae Sai, Thailand areas.

As usual, we will be basing our program on a Cultural Immersion / Eco-Tour type of approach. We spend a significant portion of our program (Five whole days!) time working with indigenous Buddhist Medical teachers and professional Thai staff (UTTS Ministry Authorized), in actually experiencing and learning traditional Thai Yoga and Ayurveda healing arts and culture. This year we are focusing on Indigenous Thai Traditional Medicine (TTM) Lanna/ Sukhotai Style “Tok Sen” and “Reusi Dottan”.

We have the experience and commitment to having your experience in the kingdom of Thailand to be the very best.

This amazing program, NON- AIR, is available for $2,558.00!

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Sacred Sites Healing Arts Thailand Tour

SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Thailand Tour April 2020

Learn SomaVeda® Thai Yoga Massage and explore the sacred sites and healing arts with Dr. Anthony B. James this April 2nd. – April 22nd. 2020.

Nineteen days in Thailand from North to South, from the mountains to the ocean exploring the ancient healing traditions of spirit, mind and body. Dr. James has been a regular leader in traditional medicine in Thailand for over 35 years and brings his personal insight and relationships with Thai medicine elders, Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy practitioners directly to you. We prefer to work with UTTS (Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society) traditional medicine Doctors and practitioners where ever possible as this is the highest standard of practice currently in Thailand. Dr. James is a UTTS Lifetime Registered Doctor of Thai Traditional Medicine and has received both the Friend of Thailand Award and the UTTS Ganesha Award for excellence in traditional medicine promotion and education.

Many people go to Thailand for the food alone! And yes, we will sample broadly the healing food traditions as well. Ayurveda of Thailand emphasizes balancing the Tri-Dosha and the elements with eating proper foods for the region and the season. Traditional Thai food is based on Ayurveda as primary nutrition strategy. We will examine the ideas of eating for health Thai style up close and personal!

We will have ample opportunity to receive traditional therapies from several different regions, styles and practitioners as well as in depth training as we go along! We will be able to sample treatment styles in the Northern, Central, Bangkok, and Southern styles.

Travel is easy and our Two and Three Star accommodation’s safe, clean and comfortable.

Our local Thai guides and teachers have the highest professional standards. This is not a “Tourist” level experience!

Bring your SomaVeda® Thai Yoga practice and understanding to the next level! Course credits and CE hours will be offered all participants.

Small group format for personal experience!

Join us in Thailand this April 2020 as we Go To The Source!

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