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Thai Yoga Program | Traditional Thai Massage Program

NAIC and Thailand Study Tours provides two ways in which you can experience Thailand and learn the ancient art of Indigenous Traditional Thai Yoga (Thai Ayurveda/ Traditional Thai Massage):

All programs include classes, accomodations and the exciting opportunity to travel and experience the beautiful culture of Thailand and much more!

For 2017, we have expanded our guided tour schedule to include several different opportunities to experience Thailand with our small group format. As usual, we will be basing our program on a cultural immersion/ Eco-Tour type of approach. We spend a significant portion of our program time working with indigenous teachers and professional Thais, in actually experiencing and learning traditional Thai Yoga healing arts and culture.

Thailand is described by most travelers as the most exotic country on the planet. Nowhere else succeeds quite so well blending an age old culture of rich heritage and traditions, with the developments and advantages of the modern world. Tradition and cultural heritage is at the very core ' daily life for the Thai people. Totally at peace with themselves and their world, there is a cheerfulness that is forever present in the faces of nearly everyone you meet. Our programs are the longest running in the industry and generally considered the very highest standard. We invite you to find out why!

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