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Thai Yoga Center, SomaVeda Institute

Study Indigenous, Traditional Thai Yoga/ Ayurveda of Thailand: (Traditional Thai Massage) in the U.S. at the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and Thai Yoga Center!

Come explore Thai Yoga Ayurveda (Traditional Thai Massage) in the U.S. The Thai Yoga Center. (TYC) was founded as an educational, health and retreat center. Located in historic Brooksville, Florida, our vision is for a community based cooperation of open minded people seeking to learn and share together ideas and concepts of healing and wellness.

We are a Native American Church, College and School offering Indigenous, Traditional Thai Yoga, Traditional Thai Massage, Native American and Indigenous Traditional and or "Earth Based" Medicine classes, Thai herbalism classes, Thai language classes, Thai Cultural Classes, Ayurveda training, Natural Medicine Education, Native American Spirituality and Healing and more.

Thai Yoga & Thai Massage CenterThe Thai Yoga Center is a unique healing center dedicated to the research, preservation and education of the three branches of traditional Thai medicine: Yoga Therapy, Herbalism and Spiritual practice. The TYC offers in depth, authentic and genuine Thai Yoga classes (also known as Indigenous Traditional Thai Ayurveda, or nuad boran) that engage students with a deep understanding of the richness of these ancient modalities. Students attending classes at TYC, and clients receiving treatments at our clinic, will have an experience that is steeped in Thai culture, philosophy, spirituality, theory and history.

Our programmatic visions encompass virtually every facet of life from holistic medicine and healing to developing cosnciousness of fundamental energetic and spiritual principles. Thinking of the whole spectrum of life, everything is important, external as well as internal inviroments. Our joy is a profound commitment to insure the viability and sustainability of the land we share as well as the internal welfare of ourselves and those we care about. We are invested in bringing the adventure and opportunities and lessons that the land itself offers into all of our programs and mission.

NAIC Inc. is a Florida Not-for Profit Corporation and IRS 501c(3) compliant Religious/ Church Organization for Spiritual, Educational, Charitable Purposes.

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