Thai Yoga Certification Training |Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Guided & Independent Thailand Tours

Q: Do I need a visa to travel to Thailand?
A: On the 30-day tours, only a valid passport is required.

Q: Are there any books that might help me travel to Thailand?
A: Yes, we recommend Lonely Planet, Guide to Thailand, and Let’s Go, Guide to Thailand – both of which will answer most, if not all, of the questions you may have.

Q: How much clothing should I bring, and what kind of clothes should I get?
A: First, only bring what you are comfortable carrying, as everyone will have their belongings. Ladies should get at least one long skirt and blouse or shirt that covers their shoulders for traveling to the Grand Palace. Men should also wear long pants and a shirt that covers the shoulders. Participants should also have one pair of sandals that covers the heel (slip ones won’t work). The weather is tropical, so t-shirts and shorts will be the most appropriate for most of the trip. There will sometimes be cool evenings, and a long sleeve shirt, windbreaker, lightweight Anourak, or fleece would also be appropriate. Washing/laundry services are available and inexpensive. We recommend you bring a backpack and a day pack with a little extra room for anything you may buy while you are there.

Q: Do you recommend travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, and lost baggage insurance?
A: Yes, we highly recommend it! Although you, of course, can choose any provider you prefer, we suggest the following providers:

1. http://www.insuremytrip.com/ (Comprehensive or Basic Medical)

2.https://www.axa.co.th/en/axa-sawasdee-thailand-travel-insurance (Axa-Sawasdee Thailand)
3. http://www.worldtravelcenter.com/
4. http://www.medexassist.com

Q: Will my phone work in Thailand?
A: It might! You will need to contact your phone service provider to find out if your phone is compatible with Thailand. We cannot ensure connectivity. One option for an “Unlocked” GPS phone is to purchase a Thailand-compatible SIM card.